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Volume flow measurement from pump operation times in order to find the reason for leakage in a hotel pool


Measuring the differential pressure and the volume flow of a big chilled water unit

We own an extensive amount of measuring instruments, with which we can measure a lot of relevant measurands in ship and building technology. This includes:

  • Temperatures of solid bodies, liquids and gases
  • Pressure and differential pressure of all common fluids like air, water and cooling agents in  a wide temperature interval.
  • Relative air humidity
  • Concentration of carbon dioxide and oxygen
  • Density, conductivity and pH-level of liquids
  • Air flow velocity
  • Current measurement for liquids in tubes
  • Mass flow measurement for gases
  •  Volume flow of liquids
  • electrical dimensions, like current, resistance or voltage
  • thickness of coating layer
  • wall thickness  of pipes

Most measurands can be  recorded either by data loggers or individual computer based solutions during a long timespan with high resolution. With  especially written software tools we are able to analyze this data. Based on this analysis, we are able to trace the reasons for system failure or malfunctions. Furthermore we are able to execute long-term measurements for the optimization of the system operation. The linkage between measurement technology, data analysis, evaluation and interpretation even of the interaction of different systems is the unique feature of the  Dr.-Ing. Yves Wild Ingenieurbüro GmbH.