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Maritime engineering

Reefer vessel with space for 1.365 reefer containers

Reefer vessel with space for 1.365 reefer containers

Dr. Wild GmbHA cooling system is a very common system on board of ships. Almost every ship has an air-condition/ cooling system. Especially ships which are designed for the transport of people (cruise ships, large scale yachts) have to fulfill high requirements. Special vessels for the transport of cooled goods in reefer containers or cooled cargo spaces necessitate certain requirements regarding the refrigeration system as well as the whole ship technology in total, because the operation of those systems demands the generation of electrical energy on board.

With increasing demand for clean fuels, liquefied natural gas (LNG) is used as fuel for ships as well. This requires the use of systems for gas treatment.

Thanks to a long experience in the maritime engineering field, we are familiar with the comprehension and analysis of the interaction of different technical systems during the operation of a ship. An example for this is the interaction of  combined heat and power plants, steam systems and heating systems, like it’s the case in big public buildings.