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Publicly certified expert Dr.-Ing. Yves Wild

Dr. Wild GmbH

Dr.-Ing. Yves Wild

Since November 2001 Dr.-Ing. Yves Wild is a publicly certified expert for refrigeration systems, appointed by the chamber of commerce (Handelskammer Hamburg). Since October 26th, 2020, his tenor has been expanded to include “refrigeration, ventilation, air conditioning and heating technology”.

The role of a publicly certified and sworn expert is given by law (compare § 36 GewO, § 91 HwO). They have to swear an oath, that they provide expert opinions and all the corresponding tasks independently, personally, unprejudiced and in best conscience. They are only appointed an expert if they have proven outstanding expertise and if there are no doubts about the person’s personal integrity. Publicly certified experts have to be consulted for an expert opinion during litigation. Other experts can only be consulted, if special circumstances make this necessary (compare §§ 404 Abs. 2 ZPO, 73 Abs. 2 StPO). During the period of public appointment, the experts are subject to an extensive list of responsibilities under a constant control by a body of public law.