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Refrigeration technology


Defective NH3-piston compressor after oil leakage


Piston compressor of a  NH3-cooling syst

Refrigeration is an integral part of our modern day life. It’s needed for conservation of groceries and medication, it provides a pleasant temperature in buildings and vehicles, and it is used for the cooling of production processes and the freezing of the ground during tunnel construction. In form of a heat pump, the process of cooling is increasingly used in heating technology.

Many technical fields:

  • facility building
  • thermodynamics
  • electrical engineering
  • measurement
  • control engineering

engage yielding very intricate refrigeration systems. In case of a malfunction the search for the defect is usually very complex and has to be carried with structure and interdisciplinary expertise.

In cold water systems, hydraulic problems and misconception of control systems occur together frequently.

Our engineering office examines refrigeration systems in regard to malfunction, failure and sub-optimal operation. Furthermore we document occurring deficiencies, machine and product damage. Our main field of competence is the analysis of the performance of complex systems and their controlling and providing a solution for an optimized operating.

Dr. Wild is co-author of Taschenbuch der Kältetechnik (Pohlmann).