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Cooling systems on board of ships

Schiffskaelte 2

140 kW absorption chiller on a test bench for checking the seaworthiness

Aboard, refrigeration machines are necessary to air-condition the living areas, cool the supplies and the cargo. Currently compression procedures with mechanical compressors are used. At present the Dr.-Ing. Yves Wild GmbH cooperates with the EAW Energieanlagenbau Westenfeld GmbH on developing absorption systems for the operation on ships. The first systems have already been installed.

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Cold-water substitute for air conditioning a large scale yacht

A special feature of the usage of refrigeration systems on ships is the back cooling with seawater. Here often problems with corrosion of the heat exchangers occur which can be caused by the quality of the water as well as the conception of the system.

The Dr.-Ing. Yves Wild Ingenieurbüro GmbH consults ship yards and ship owners regarding malfunctioning and corrosion damage of refrigeration systems on ships.