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Cool Chain Quality Indicator (CCQI)


Truck- loading ramp of a state-of-the-art cold warehouse in Sweden.

Extract of a CCQI evaluation sheet


A gate inside a cold warehouse with massive massive icing

CCQI quality-standard – The CCQI industry-standard was developed in a common project by the Cool Chain Association (CCA), an alliance of internationally operating enterprises within the cool chain and the former “Germanischer Lloyd” (nowadays DNV GL), an internationally active classification society. It’s aim was to find objective and internationally applicable  indicators and characteristics in order to evaluate and asses the quality of the cool chain.

CCQI means Cool Chain Quality Indicator and already points toward a really innovative feature of this management system: a quantitative quality evaluation by a score – the quality indicator. While conventional quality evaluation systems just check if a criterion is fulfilled or not, CCQI evaluates technical facilities, processes and competences quantitatively. It judges the prerequisites a company possesses to fulfill a link of the cool chain (e.g. storage, handling or transport) with a certain quality. In this case one of the main factors is the constant compliance with the given temperature interval. Basis of the score system is a risk-based approach: What does a company in order to limit the risk of a damage of goods and how efficient are those measures? A CCQI is only issued to a company, if it gets a CCQI- score superior to the lower limit- the CCQI benchmark. Dr.-Ing. Yves Wild Ingenieurbüro GmbH was involved during the creation of the CCQI standard and offers first-hand consultancy for companies which want to get certified. This can contain:

  • Analysis of all internal processes which concern the cool chain
  • Creation of a CCQI manual
  • Determination of CCQI score for all relevant processes
  • Consultancy concerning the improvement of the cool chain quality/ increase of CCQI score.