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Container Terminal Quality Indicator (CTQI)


Gantry cranes at Eurokai terminal in Hamburg


Participants of Hamburg Committee Meeting on February 28th, 2008


Port expert Dr. Gustaaf de Monie in a discussion with Dr. Yves Wild

What is CTQI?

Container Terminal Quality Indicator (CTQI) standard was developed by Germanischer Lloyd Certification GmbH (nowadays DNV GL), a world-wide operating classification society, in cooperation with the Global Institute of Logistics. Representatives of terminal operators were involved in the developing process and offered their know-how to define a uniform and globally accepted terminal operation terminology and a statistical methodology to measure performance. Although CTQI is a worldwide uniform standard, the individuality of each terminal is taken into account for the certification process.

What are the benefits of CTQI?

The aim of the CTQI- standard is to establish more transparency and partnership off all stakeholders along the supply chain in order to improve efficiency of the worldwide container traffic. The CTQI- certificate enables container terminals to distinguish themselves as best-in-class and to demonstrate to customers and local politicians that the terminal is providing a high quality service and operates at best efficiency. Furthermore container terminals profit during certification from the evaluation process, which generates a roadmap for continuous improvement.

What are the elements of CTQI?

Efficiency and structure as well as the management system of the terminal are audited for CTQI certification. More than 70 exactly defined values measuring terminal’s efficiency such as “ship-productivity“ or “berth-working-index“ are recorded and evaluated with a benchmarking system. A CTQI certificate will only be issued if the evaluation results in a number higher than a minimum value – the CCQI benchmark. Another benchmark system evaluates different structural elements such as number and age of gantry cranes or service at the gate. A minimum value is to be reached as well. External factors such as hinterland connection or maritime restrictions are analysed for certification, but no benchmark needs to be passed for this issue.

CTQI – Dr.-Ing. Yves Wild Ingenieurbüro GmbH consults professionally!

The Dr.-Ing. Yves Wild Ingenieurbüro GmbH has been significantly involved in the development of the CTQI standard. During the stage of development the Dr.-Ing. Yves Wild Ingenieurbüro GmbH participated in all relevant meetings and contributed an essential part to the conception and realization of the CTQI standard.

Therefore the Dr.-Ing. Yves Wild Ingenieurbüro GmbH offers first-hand consultancy to terminals operators who are interested in a CTQI certification. This includes:

  • Detailed explanation of the CTQI- elements
  • Analysis and optimization of the terminal’s internal processes
  • Development of a roadmap for certification in consideration of the individual operational context of the terminal
  • Determination of the CTQI points for all relevant operations
  • Development of concepts for performance improvement and – related to that – higher CTQI-points