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Air conditioning


Human comfort diagram plotted by own measurements

Regarding air-conditioning of buildings one distinguishes principally between air-treatment systems with central air-conditioning with respect to temperature and humidity, which transmit the air via an air distribution system to the individual rooms and decentralized systems which are most often installed with recirculating air cooling devices in the destined room.

Not only rooms that are regularly occupied by persons require accurate air-conditioning but also places such as server rooms, broadcast vehicles and libraries require it the to ensure the correct function of the room.

Also the dehumidification of swimming pools is a branch of air-conditioning technology which integrates refrigeration and ventilation technology.

The Dr.-Ing. Yves Wild Ingenieurbüro GmbH analyses the function of air-conditioners of every construction type. In this process measurements can be taken at the systems itself as well as in the air-conditioned rooms to examine the compliance of the required air-conditioning parameters.